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Jennifer Agee

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, LCPC

I am a licensed clinical professional counselor who has been in practice for over 15 years. I am passionate about helping people live their best life! I work with individuals, couples and groups specializing in anxiety, depression, life transitions and helping those with feelings of low self worth. In addition to traditional counseling, I offer mindfulness, hypnotherapy, EMDR and supervise other mental health professionals. Connect to my Facebook page for a “Whiteboard Tip of the Week” @jenniferageecounseling. **New group forming now for therapeutic mindfulness class meeting once a week for 6 weeks. Topics include learning to quiet your inner critic, growing in confidence, relaxation, anxiety and forgiveness. Email me for more details.

(913) 346-7262

Alicia Polk

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC

I believe (as Maya Angelou said) that people are doing the best that they can with what they have and that when they know better, they do better. My goal is to help you find YOUR better, whatever that looks like for you. I like to use the analogy of being a trail guide. You will tell me where you’d like to go and I will tell you how I think we can get there. And if you don’t know exactly where you are headed, I’ll walk with you and we will explore different trails to see which one takes you in the direction that feels right to you. I also believe that you should begin to see signs that our work together is helping you within the first several sessions. You and I will track this each week using a scientifically-validated tool that measures where you are at. This tool also measures how well you think I am doing each week in listening to you and focusing on what’s important to you. This means each week we can see if we’re on the right track and if there is something I can be doing differently or better to help you. It helps me be the best therapist for your particular needs. This also means you don’t waste time on therapy that isn’t helping you. If you think my approach might be a good fit for you, I invite you to contact me and ask for a free 30-minute consultation. You can meet me and see if you feel safe and comfortable with me before committing to that first appointment. I’m looking forward to talking with you!

(816) 226-4678

Lucy Smith

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC
(816) 839-4021

Suzanne Grace

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
(913) 475-0826

Makena Lengquist

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC

We all need somewhere to take off our masks and lay down our burdens. I offer a safe space for you to express your authentic self and be heard. From an early age I knew I wanted to work with people and, as I went through school, I found my passion for psychology—a passion that led me to a career in counseling. I enjoy sitting with people one-on-one or in small groups as a way to learn about them and their personal story. I use this connection to foster a therapeutic alliance with my clients, ensuring that they feel understood and supported. Together we will find your strengths and self-compassion so you can be present in your life. My counseling style is calm, patient, and cooperative. I believe a therapeutic alliance founded in safety, respect, and understanding is the best way to create a healthy environment for healing. This means I take time to develop trust with each of my clients. I approach counseling in a client-centered and holistic way. Life has its own plan, so I meet my clients wherever they are emotionally and mentally each time we have a session. Through talk therapy, we will work together to increase your coping skills, emotional tolerance, and resiliency.

(913) 220-2450

Marjorie Cooper Paschang

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC

Life can be joyful and fulfilling, but it can also sometimes involve difficult transitions and painful experiences. My passion is to assist clients in coping with challenging situations and to provide guidance in living life with your most cherished values in sight. Over the years I have worked with individuals, couples, and families that have been faced with a variety of challenges including depression, anxiety, cognitive or behavioral conditions, family dynamic challenges, trauma, anger management, and couples or marital concerns among other matters. My goal is to tailor your treatment using research based practices that will best fit your unique situation.

(913) 309-2755

Jessica Nickels

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC

Populations of Interest: I enjoy working with teens, adults and couples. Approach to Therapy: Strong working relationships built on compassion, communication and genuine curiosity are the core of my therapy philosophy. Together, we will focus on a whole-health approach. This means addressing mental, physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual needs together, not in silos. A common thread in my approach is to build emotional intelligence, communication effectiveness, lifestyle modification and resiliency skills. Areas of focus: Wellness: creating a whole picture of wellness, which includes a healthy mind and a healthy body Burnout: addressing detachment, fatigue, and feelings of ineffectiveness or lack of accomplishment Helping Professions: providing space, support and nurturing growth for those who focus their time and energy on others Self-Development: change is hard, accountability is necessary to push past perceived limits (#adulting, #newmom, #retiredlife, #lifecrisis)

(913) 356-9592

Christina Dunn Carpenter

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC

I find it a life calling, or purpose if you will, to walk this life accompanying others on their journeys! Life can offer us so many experiences and we interpret these experiences through our own unique lenses, based on the impact of both biological and environmental factors. Sometimes our own way of working through experiences is hindered by our lack of ability to make adjustments in a healthy way – simply because we haven’t been given or developed the correct tools or pathways. I truly enjoy working with others by listening to their stories, compassionately understanding them, and working with them to develop new, healthy ways to maneuver through the difficult and truly experience and enjoy the marvelous! I have over 20 years of compassionate counseling – ranging from my early work in a juvenile residential facility, through many years of college counseling including career and academic counseling, and moving forward adding therapy and certified clinical trauma work into my professional life. I am fulfilled when I can support others! If you are working through some difficult experiences, struggling with adjustments, desiring a deeper spiritual relationship, experiencing major life changes, or simply wanting to embark on an initial career or change in career, I would truly enjoy accompanying you on your journey!

(816) 550-7287

Maureen Francois

Clinical Social Worker

How brave of you to research your therapy options. I know it can feel so scary to take this first step. And you did it! I want you to know that you are not alone, that you matter and that I am so excited to have the opportunity to walk along aside you as you process and work through some of the messy and unfiltered life situations. Oftentimes, people tell me that they don’t know what therapy will be like. My approach to therapy is grounded in compassion and in the belief that you know yourself the best. Together we can discuss and implement strategies to make things feel lighter. I’ve had extensive experience with maternal and child mental health. I love to work with women who are prenatal and postpartum and trying to figure out the whole motherhood thing. I’ve had great success in working with women who are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, or just feeling in a “funk.” Women often experience these things when they have had recent transitions, life changes or change in support systems. I also have a certificate in play therapy and provide play therapy services to children and families. Play is a child’s language. It’s an effective way for children to express strong emotions. Sometimes children have challenges at home and school. Sometimes parents are feeling overwhelmed and need some support. My hope is to partner with parents and children to help them find a healthy outlet! Feel free to call to see if we are a good fit, if you have any questions, or want to set an appointment! I look forward to meeting you!

(816) 533-4919

Valerie Owings

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC

Hi, I’m Valerie Owings, licensed professional counselor. My mission is to provide the best child and family centered counseling services in the Kansas City area. If you are wondering “does my child need play therapy?”, feel free to call me for your free 15 minute phone consultation. I also work with: Children who are struggling with behaviors at home, school, or in the community Parents who are struggling to parent in healthy ways, whether the child is very young, a tween, or a teen Children with anxiety, depression, separation issues, self-esteem issues, or who are being bullied Parents and teens who are disconnected Adults who are struggling with anxiety or depression Children, teens, or adults with trauma history Adults who are dealing with phase of life issues (new parent, new college grads, empty-nesters, aging parents, etc)

(816) 200-1547


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